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hearts & minds
falling in love with gravity

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curves of sirens CD
swallow tail

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Our Words
sinombre is a san francisco based band playing music obsessed with the melodic descents and rhythmic ascents of a song's lifespan.

the band was spawned by andy slopsema (guitar, bass), a midwest fugitive who has outlived all his short-lived ann arbor punk rock bands, and gabriella marks (vocals, guitar), a misanthropic photographer and kusf dj. paradiddle drummer matt rickets,a fellow midwestern refugee, gives the songs a spine to stand on.

No Words photographs from field trips

it was a dark and stormy night...
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on stage:
hotel utah (sept), sf 2004
12 galaxies, sf 2004
moxies, chico 2004
hemlock, sf 2003
our favorites from all over

Their Words

"This is one of the best albums Iíve heard all year; uncompromising, uncaring, and brilliant in its scope and meaning." read more at Delusions of Adequacy

"The undying creep of "Thanks, Anyway" weaves a misleadingly frail air about itself and begins the album in a deceptive light, but that deception is almost certainly deliberate. By the time you've reached the end of the road, you realize you're right back at the beginning. If Curves of Sirens were a film, it would be the kind of Usual Suspects "gotcha" that I've never before noticed in an album -- a sonic set-up. For that twist alone, I suggest giving it a spin." read more at Splendid

"This is an album all about build. Build up and tear down. Emotional ride to the climax build. Building a wall of harmonic guitar lines. Remarkably, the band pulls this off with their guitar builds... It is, in fact, this gift, this beauty of music that bands strive for. It is, in many ways, the musical ideal.." read more at Left of the Dial

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